KPCB Internet Trends Report 2014: @SnapLogic Gets a Mention

Every year I look forward to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report, which she will be delivering today at the CODE Conference in California.

Last year’s report focused on the mobile explosion, “enabled entrepreneurs” and Internet IPOs like LinkedIn. It noted that 2014 will mark the beginning of a new computing cycle – wearables, drivables, flyables and scannables. It has over 3M views on Slideshare!

SnapLogic KPCB 2014This year’s report, which was posted today on Slideshare and already has 97K+ views, focuses on mobile and tablet growth, zeros in on ad revenues and quickly dives into cyber-security trends, tech stocks, education and healthcare. Once again the report uses the “re-imagining” theme when it comes to messaging, communications, applications, distribution channels and the Internet trifecta: “Content, Community and Commerce.” Extending the next platform shift idea, the section of the report that may be the most relevant to SnapLogic customers is “the Biggest Re-Imaging of All – people enabled with mobile devices and sensors uploading treasure troves of findable and sharable data” (slide 58). Big data is in the spotlight, building on the mobile and social data explosion outlined earlier in the report. This leads to some great examples of the new user interface expectations. (See our post on why designing for the enterprise is more than just rounding corners.)

On slide 84, the report digs into Data Mining / Analytics Tools: Improving and Helping Find Patterns. I’m excited to say that SnapLogic is featured on slide 86, along with Jawbone, Dropcam, Netflix, AppDynamics and Ayasdi. We appreciate the shout out!

From new thinking on how we watch TV and online videos to how we search, find and personalize content, there’s something in the 2014 KPCB Internet Trends Report for everyone. At 164 slides, it’s both dense and fascinating. Even the appendix slides on immigration, Internet trends by market and more public company analysis is worth reviewing. I’ve embedded the slides below.

It’s worth noting that from the time I started writing this post the Slidehare views have gone from 13K to 97K to 125K views. Go Mary Meeker and team! I hope the live presentation was as successful as the online viewing!

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