The SnapLogic Selectable Update Window – for sustained business operations

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The expectation of service availability, with nearly no regard for the service itself, is high. We expect Netflix to be available at 1:30 AM on a Sunday to fuel the tail-end of a binge-watching marathon; we expect to be available in all time zones at all times every day because  on any given day, at any given time, business is being conducted somewhere; we expect Instagram to always be available since we may never know when we have to share that next selfie (at least so I’m told).

Netflix,, and Instagram are the visible faces with the responsibility to ensure their service availability, but behind them are a large number of technology providers that have to also ensure that their service availability aligns with those of their customers.

SnapLogic supports mission-critical operations that run 24×7 for many of the world’s largest companies and we are relentlessly focused on improving our customer’s business operations. With this in mind, SnapLogic is pleased to announce that beginning with the May 2018 Release, our customers will be able to choose their own window to upgrade their SnapLogic environment.

While very simple to communicate, the impact is huge for our enterprise customers that offer a high SLA to their customers. Now, our customers can upgrade their SnapLogic environments during their already scheduled maintenance windows eliminating any need for off-maintenance downtime, preserving those precious 9s of service availability.

This flexible upgrade window is available to SnapLogic customers with Platinum Support. Those customers with Platinum support will have 4 weeks after a release to upgrade their organization’s Snaplexes, giving them the flexibility to coordinate their upgrade with their own service windows.

More details about the Upgrade Window will be provided to Platinum customers prior to the May 2018 release.

I’m reminded of a commercial from the ‘80s … something about “having it your way.” We’re thrilled that our customers can now have more of it “their way.”

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