SnapLogic Launches in Europe, Accelerating Mission to More Easily Connect Cloud and On-Premise Applications and Data Sources

SnapLogic Launches in Europe, Accelerating Mission to More Easily Connect Cloud and On-Premise Applications and Data Sources

Cloud Innovator Enters Europe to Serve Growing Market Demand, Building Upon Broad Commercial Success in US

San Mateo, California and London, UK – Mar 10, 2011 – SnapLogic , the cloud connection company, today announced the opening of its European headquarters in London. The SnapLogic solution has achieved rapid customer success in the US with traditional large enterprises and fast growing technology companies, and is proving to be a perfect fit for European firms looking to connect on-premise and cloud-based systems with an integration solution that is open and extensible for all software, applications and infrastructure.

The company is led by Chief Executive Officer, Gaurav Dhillon, the founder and former CEO of Informatica, and has the financial backing of leading venture investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Floodgate. SnapLogic’s new model for business integration has gained wide accolades, and delivered great results for customers. The company is now entering into an exciting growth stage and establishing its global footprint.

Gartner estimates that over the course of the next five years, enterprises will spend a combined $112 billion cumulatively on software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), with Western Europe forecast to account for 29 percent of the market by 2014. (Gartner, June, 2010) Aligning with the rapid cloud growth of the U.K. and the EU as a whole, SnapLogic has made the aggressive move into the region to better serve growing market demand as companies work to integrate cloud and on-premise computing systems.

Key Points

  • The new European headquarters is located in the  Shoreditch area of east London, commonly referred to as the “silicon roundabout” due to its high concentration of technology and web 2.0 companies, thus making it a great fit for cloud computing innovator SnapLogic.
  • Ediz Ertekin has joined SnapLogic as Vice President of Distribution, Europe and will head European operations. Ertekin is a specialist in building sales and service operations. He most recently served as General Manager and Vice President at Verix where he worked with enterprise clients to develop sophisticated predictive analytic, monitoring and alerting solutions. He brings extensive integration and data management experience from his 5-year tenure as the founding Vice President of Sales, Europe at Informatica, where he was the first European employee.
  • SnapLogic was the first to connect applications residing both on-premise and in the cloud, and is built from the ground up to lead the next wave of enterprise integration. SnapLogic features “Snaps” for different data types and applications that can be easily added as integration needs grow and change. Snaps are containerized data connectors that provide a quick way to join applications and data sources resulting in dramatic reductions in system costs and implementation times.
  • SnapLogic customers can use Snaps to address approximately 2,000 different integration scenarios. Snaps are available in the world’s first online integration store, the SnapStore, which allows developers, system integrators, and independent software vendors to build and sell purpose-built Snaps for both widely used and emerging applications.

Industry commentary

“Cloud computing is an important driver of growth and agility for European businesses, and there are already many success stories emerging across Europe from organizations that have successfully harnessed the potential of the cloud,” said Phil Wainewright, vice-president of European industry trade group EuroCloud, and well-known SaaS blogger at ZDNet. “Flexible, open integration is a crucial factor in ensuring that cloud-based resources work in harmony with existing computing assets within the organization or elsewhere.”

SnapLogic comments on the news

“A top 2011 priority for SnapLogic was to invest in growing our sales and marketing operations and expanding into Europe where demand for our solutions is drawing us into the market faster than we anticipated,” commented Gaurav Dhillon, chief executive officer, SnapLogic. “Ediz brings an outstanding record as a sales executive to launching our European operations, and will give us the thrust to capitalize on the successes we already have in the region.”

“Getting the opportunity to work with Gaurav in Europe again combined with the strength of SnapLogic’s solution and the converging market forces makes this an exciting place to be,” commented Ediz Ertekin, vice president of distribution, Europe, SnapLogic. “We already have a great team in place and a huge opportunity to work with innovative companies in Europe that understand the value of SnapLogic’s new way to connect software and applications.”

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