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Accelerate enterprise transformation by unifying data and applications in the cloud.

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Leverage the agility and scalability of the cloud to unify organization-wide systems to innovate faster, unlock new monetization opportunities and improve customer satisfaction.


Legacy on-premise systems

On-premise systems and legacy processes are slow and tedious to integrate without an automated integration approach.

Disparate data sources

Disparate, siloed data sources limit visibility into the business and make it hard to derive data’s true value.   

Use cases

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Use case: Move to the Cloud

Migrate on-prem applications and data to the cloud when possible and integrate with other cloud applications to improve agility and stay highly competitive. 


Improve time to value

Speed development cycles using cloud re-usable components for integrating vast numbers of data sources and applications

Gain a competitive edge

Migrate to cloud platforms to collect, manage, and transform massive amounts of data by leveraging their elasticity and scale for faster innovation  

Lower operational costs

Dramatically reduce operational costs by easily integrating with a lean team of integration developers

SnapLogic’s pre-configured snaps (connectors) and easy to use Iris AI-driven intuitive UI enables complex and faster integrations in the cloud.

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Use case: Enterprise-scale Automation

Accelerate business process automation by deploying an integration platform that can connect and unify on-prem and cloud data and applications.  


Accelerate business transformation

Migrate from legacy systems to modern applications to consolidate data for better, accurate business reporting and decisions 

Increase developer productivity

Maximize productivity by using a unified integration platform that supports a variety of applications with no hand-coding required to build end-to-end integrations. Leverage API endpoints exposed by other teams or partners to get the right data quickly and to get to value faster.

SnapLogic offers both data and application integration solutions to integrate systems in real-time to speed process automation and accelerate business transformation.

Connect applications such as Workday, Oracle Netsuite, Tableau

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“We’re … analyzing more than 100 million records. Instead of five hours to push 150,000 records to an external endpoint, we pushed three times that volume in about two minutes.”

– Senior Manager, Data Strategy and Architecture, Box

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Case Study

Connecting the dots at Box

Box taps SnapLogic’s self-service integration to process more than 15 million transactions daily

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Case Study

Turning data into decisions at Pure Storage

Learn how SnapLogic helped automate integration processes and increase productivity.

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