Data Sheet

SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform

A single platform to connect data, apps, APIs, and IoT

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) accelerates data and process flow across cloud and on-premises applications, as well as data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments. Unlike traditional integration software requiring painstaking, handcrafted coding by teams of developers, SnapLogic makes it fast and easy to create scalable data pipelines that supply the right data to the right people at the right time.

Functionally, SnapLogic’s data streaming architecture permits real-time processing with high throughput, powering the rapid movement of data across the enterprise. Lastly, Iris, SnapLogic’s AI-powered Integration Assistant, provides expert guidance to swiftly build high-quality data pipelines. SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform is comprised of three components – the platform or the self-service user interface, the execution grid where the integration pipelines execute, and the 500+ pre-built connectors called Snaps.

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