Salesforce to Amazon DynamoDB

In this video, you will learn how to extract records from Salesforce and write them into Amazon DynamoDB.

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1. Hi! In this video, I will show you how to extract records from Salesforce and write them to Amazon DynamoDB.
2. First, I need to create a new Pipeline file on the SnapLogic Designer;
3. Then I drag over the Salesforce Read Snap, select the account from which I want to read records, and then click Save;
4. I open the Salesforce Read Snap Settings and configure it to read ‘Contact’ records;
5. Add rows in the output fields section, and select the columns from which I want to retrieve data;
6. Save the changes and close the popup.
7. Open the data preview and we can see that some of the columns have null values.
8. So I want to add a Filter Snap to eliminate all the records which have null values in one or more columns;
9. Now I open the data preview and I see that all the records with null values have been filtered out.
10. Next, I add a Mapper Snap. And, perform the required mapping.
11. For DynamoDB, we must prepend ‘$PutRequest.Item’ and append the DynamoDB type. In this case, all the values are strings. So, I append S.
12. Then, I add the DynamoDB Bulk Write Snap and select the DynamoDB account that contains the table to which I want to write data;
13. Open the DynamoDB Bulk Write Snap settings;
14. Select the table to which I want to write data;
15. Before we execute the Pipeline, I open Eclipse which has been configured to display data in the table selected earlier and now the table is empty.
16. Now I go back to execute the Pipeline manually.
17. I open ‘Pipeline Execution Statistics’.
18. There are 14 records matched the filter criteria and have been written to DynamoDB.
19. I return to Eclipse and run a scan. And now the 14 records have been written to the table.
20.  In this demo, I showed how SnapLogic makes it easy to extract records from endpoints and write them to DynamoDB.
21. Thank you for watching this demo! [Visit to learn more about new features.]


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