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About the Supercharge Event

When is the Supercharge Event?

On Demand

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What is the Supercharge Event?

Moving to the cloud on Amazon Web Services? Why not Supercharge it with an iPaas?!

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Constellation Research’s Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen, as he details the five iPaaS must haves for data and analytics deployments on AWS. You’ll also hear from Solutions Architects and real world operators who know how to get the most out of AWS.

You’ll walk away with (at least) 5 integration must haves for Data and Analytics deployments on AWS that you’ll be able to start using right away!

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Meet Your Supercharge Guest Speakers

Doug Henschen

Sr. Analyst, Constellation Research

Travis Pendleton

Sr. Manager of Data Services, SailPoint

Jobin George

Sr. Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Michael Nixon

VP of Product Marketing, SnapLogic

Supercharge Event Agenda

Here’s an overview of the sessions that will help you supercharge your cloud data warehouse.

  • Welcome Keynote

    Leading Data Warehouse trends challenges and recommendations for cloud native integrations and experience


    Constellation Research Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen

  • AWS Interview: The future state of the Cloud Data Warehouse and iPaaS


    Constellation Research Principal Analyst, Doug Henschen

    AWS Sr. Solutions Architect, Jobin George

  • Customer Case Study Interview

    Travis Pendleton, Sr. Manager, IT Data Services, Sailpoint

    Michael Nixon, VP Product Marketing, SnapLogic

  • Event Q&A

  • That's a wrap!

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