How SnackNation sped up B2B and application integrations by 50 percent

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Based in Los Angeles, SnackNation is a hot, fast-growing company that delivers curated, healthy snacks to thousands of organizations and homes across the United States. Leading organizations like Microsoft, Marriott, Disney Interactive, Travelocity, Kaiser Permanente, and Mazda trust SnackNation to improve employees’ office experiences.

While the company kept up with its growing customer demand, SnackNation couldn’t keep up with the growing number of integrations required by the business. Full-time engineers forged integrations largely through manual coding to connect more than 20 systems including cloud applications like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Shopify, B2B integration systems, and custom-built internal applications. This proved to be time consuming and repetitive. The engineering team realized they would not be able to scale its integration process if the company acquired new customers and expanded its network of manufacturing and consumer packaged goods (CPG) partners.

Legacy B2B integrations wasted time and resources

SnackNation offers a large inventory of snacks to its customers. To fulfill these customer orders, SnackNation must connect to dozens of different backend systems belonging to its manufacturing and CPG partners. Before SnapLogic, with the help of the engineering team, the sales team would manually submit hundreds of customer orders from Shopify into the partners’ systems on a daily basis. This was unsustainable.

The engineering team sought a better alternative for these B2B integration challenges, which prompted them to try multiple integration solutions. They tested three main use cases in each integration tool to measure the tool’s integration performance. By the end of their trial period, they chose the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) for its ease of use, flexibility, sophisticated pre-built connectors called Snaps, and much more.

Since implementing SnapLogic, SnackNation has:

  • Automated integrations to reduce the engineering workload by 50 percent
  • Enabled citizen integrators to build their own integrations and answer their own data questions
  • Boosted productivity and saved considerable time and money
  • Freed up resources for strategic revenue-generating activities

“Since using SnapLogic, we’ve reduced the time spent integrating applications and data by more than half,” said Derek Chang, VP of Engineering at SnackNation.

Read the full case study to learn more about SnackNation’s B2B and application integration journey here.

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