How Thayer Distribution Moves Data 10X Faster

What would happen if you could dramatically speed up the ability to move data across your organization? This is a question that Thayer Distribution leaders explored when they realized the power that automation had to improve business results. 

The family-owned and operated business is a technology-driven “redistributor” that serves as a bridge between snack manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Thayer went from being a small business based out of the founders’ living room in the 1970s to a full-blown distribution company now serving customers in 14 states. 

But Thayer’s developers were frequently moving inventory and customer data manually between two Oracle databases that supported different distribution centers and a home-grown e-commerce platform. It was tedious and time-consuming. 

Automation saves time, resources, and money

In an effort to widen their thin profit margins, leaders at Thayer examined their data integration strategy, processes, and tools. They needed a simple, powerful integration solution to move data faster, with minimal resources and effort. They also wanted to streamline processes directly affecting suppliers and wholesale distributors. 

SnapLogic’s intuitive, low-code, AI-powered integration platform created the automation they needed to move their data easily and quickly, with no manual effort. 

With SnapLogic, Thayer has been able to: 

  • Speed up data integration processes by 10X
  • Streamline operations affecting partners and customers
  • Take on more business and drive growth

The savings they’ve realized has driven process efficiencies and widened their profit margins, allowing Thayer to take on more business than it could before. They have the capacity to fulfill a greater number of orders, driving revenue, and growth. 

Guido Gallicchio, Chairman of the Board at Thayer Distribution, commented: “SnapLogic has had a profound impact on our data management and supply chain processes. The self-service nature of the platform is allowing us to move data 10X faster than we were before. Moreover, we can build integration pipelines once and then reuse them in perpetuity – this alone increases our productivity by several orders of magnitude.”

Gallicchio added: “Even more exciting, while we initially brought on SnapLogic to help with one particular use case, we now realize that we can use SnapLogic to accelerate a whole host of other processes, opening up new opportunities we hadn’t even considered. Our partnership with SnapLogic builds upon our tech-enabled growth strategy and is increasingly vital to Thayer’s future.”

Read Thayer Distribution’s full story.

Scott Behles

Scott Behles is the Head of Corporate Communications at SnapLogic.

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