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Everyone has their own perspective on trade shows and events, but something about Workday Rising brings people together from all over the world to collaborate, innovate, and create the best culture around Workday best practices. I wanted to take a moment and share my own perspective on Workday Rising 2019 in Orlando.

Here are 3-key challenges organizations are facing:

Migrating data from legacy systems is taxing

Workday is a critical cog in the digital transformation for many companies but moving data from a legacy HCM or financial system is still a hard problem to solve. And there are three reasons for that:

  • When organizations adopt Workday, their IT teams do not have expertise in-house to deal with and build integrations for complex Workday data structures. 
  • This lack of expertise leads to longer development time for the IT teams or reliance on external consultants that lead to unmet deadlines, higher costs, or both.
  • Workday APIs are changing every quarter. So expertise that your team acquired during the last migration or the code that was written by a third party just last year will not be enough. 

Need for a better Workday to ServiceNow integration 

In this hypercompetitive world to attract talent, organizations are looking for ways to improve employee onboarding, response times to employee queries, and overall employee experience. To that end, organizations want to build automated workflows whether it is for synchronizing employee profiles or managing leave of absences. I can’t tell you how many folks stopped by at the SnapLogic booth to ask us… Can you integrate with ServiceNow? 

We absolutely can. In fact, we can do it more efficiently than anyone else! More about it in a few minutes. 

Workday Studio is not enough: 

Workday offers Workday studio, a plugin to Eclipse IDE,  to integrate information with other systems of record for any integration that is not supported by Workday out-of-the-box. But Workday Studio does not solve the fundamental problem that you still need to have developer expertise and experience with Workday APIs and object structures to build custom integrations. As a developer, you also have to worry about handling error conditions, meeting performance needs and SLAs of your organization. 

With or without the Workday Studio, unless an organization has adequate technical expertise, it faces the risk of poorly created Workday integrations that can result in inaccurate data, sub-par performance, and sub-standard availability with frequent break-fixes.

Your work day just got easier with SnapLogic!

SnapLogic can help you solve the above-mentioned challenges seamlessly. 

  • You can easily migrate vast amounts of data with our 500+ connectors to applications and data endpoints and logic operations. You can build enterprise-grade integrations with Workday in just hours using an intuitive, visual platform without writing a single line of code. 
  • As mentioned earlier, we can help you build Workday to ServiceNow integrations more efficiently than anyone else. With our pre-built connectors for Workday and ServiceNow, you don’t have to read API documentation. You can leverage vetted patterns in our community or utilize the Iris AI integration assistant to get to value quickly.
  • Our Workday connector provides a significant abstraction layer on top of the API so that you don’t have to know the nitty-gritty details of the Workday object structures. It provides simplified output and supports multithreading, pagination, retries, and configurable retry interval. It was build by leveraging subject matter experts so that your IT teams don’t have to waste time learning Workday API and instead focus on building custom applications for your internal and external teams. 

HR Onboarding (Pipeline)

SnapLogic at Workday Rising

SnapLogic was a signature sponsor at the Workday Rising conference and the booth traffic was incredible throughout the conference. Perhaps, it had a lot to do with folks genuinely interested in integrating Workday HCM, Financials, Prism Analytics, and Student into other key systems that are hard to get accomplished with their own resources today. 

We also co-sponsored a pre-workday rising event and partnered with Team-Up-HR at the share-a-thon to collaborate and share best practices around Workday products. Over 480 registrants from developers, workday users, integration experts, workday community attended the event.

Workday Rising 2019 Orlando Booth


Workday rising Share-a-thon SnapLogic

In summary, SnapLogic has been a Workday partner since 2014 and we are more committed than ever to ensure our partnership and success towards automating business processes with Workday with an intuitive, visual platform for your integrations. We have a number of joint customers using the Workday HCM, Financials and Prism analytics Snap packs today, and we can’t wait to empower more of them. To learn more about SnapLogic for your Workday integrations, try out our free trial

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