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Workday is the key cog in the digital transformation wheel of many organizations today. This wheel enables organizations to transform their HR from a back-office function to a strategic partner and provide their finance teams with the insights they need when they need them. 

However, integrating Workday with other applications is not as straightforward. Some of the key challenges with integration with Workday include:

  • Complexity of Workday Functionality / APIs 
  • Speed with which Workday API is evolving
  • Complexity and number of applications that are part of the Workday ecosystem

SnapLogic greatly simplifies your Workday integrations with our pre-built connectors (Snaps). The Workday Snap Pack is a collection of Snaps that abstracts the complexity of Workday API visually. You can read any object from Workday with the Read Snap, write data to Workday with the Write Snap, or cancel a transaction, such as an invoice or a contract if needed, using the Cancel Snap. And not only that, SnapLogic provides 500+ Snaps that provide out-of-the-box connectivity to applications, databases, big data stores both on-premises and in the cloud, so you can get to value rapidly with your integrations.

Anyone can build Workday integrations quickly on the SnapLogic platform by leveraging Iris AI. In fact, SnapLogic was the first in the industry to bring AI to enterprise integrations. With Iris AI-based integration assistant, new users can be productive on the platform in hours and become experts in days. Iris AI leverages intelligence from all successfully completed pipelines to recommend Snaps as well as complete pipelines. 

Snap Recommendations

Iris AI recommends the first Snap, next Snap, or previous Snap based on the Snaps that the user drags onto the Canvas. As the user is building the pipeline, the recommendations appear at the appropriate place on the canvas, and all user has to do is to click on the faded Snap to accept the recommendation.

SnapLogic IIP’s Snap recommendations for Workday - AWS S3 pipeline
SnapLogic IIP’s Snap recommendations for Workday – AWS S3 pipeline

Pipeline Recommendations

Another cool feature of Iris is that it recommends end-to-end, completed pipelines based on the first and the last Snap that the user puts onto the canvas. This feature is useful for two reasons: 

  • It helps new users to make educated guesses about how to use a new endpoint and what transformations would be required to go from a source to a target
  • It also helps users see what endpoints other users are leveraging to meet their use-cases.
SnapLogic IIP’s end-to-end pipeline recommendations for Workday - AWS S3 pipeline
SnapLogic IIP’s end-to-end pipeline recommendations for Workday – AWS S3 pipeline

Make sure you oil the Workday cog with SnapLogic to keep your organization’s digital transformation on-track. Sign up for a free trial and experience SnapLogic for your Workday integrations yourself or download our Workday integration datasheet to learn more.  If you are coming to the Workday Rising conference in either Orlando or Milan, we hope to see you in the exhibitor hall.

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Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic

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