Not getting the marketing automation results from Microsoft Dynamics 365 you expected? Here’s why.

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Marketers have adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which promises to closely integrate marketing activities and relationships with sales, customer support and service, embracing the entirety of the customer experience value chain beyond the walls of marketing. They expect to get new tools that give them advanced lead capture, scoring and alert features to better connect marketing qualified leads with profitable sales actions. 

But after investing significant amounts of time and money into the platform, many marketers are not realizing the 60% ROI they were expecting by adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365


This unrealized potential is often the result of poorly integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365.

6 signs of a poor integration

Many of the challenges that make it difficult for marketers to get the most out of their Dynamics 365 investments are the result of siloed processes and systems that prevent each team from successfully responding to what the other team is working on. Some of the signs that disconnected processes are holding your sales and marketing teams back include: 

  • Poor lead quality: It’s difficult for sales teams to score leads with an incomplete view of how the lead was acquired, or how the lead has responded so far. 
  • Limited visibility into sales conversions: Marketing teams can’t modify, replicate, or adapt strategies without knowing which of the generated leads resulted in sales.
  • Inconsistent definitions: Sales and marketing teams with separate processes struggle to work together when their definitions differ. 
  • Incomplete views of the sales process from start to finish: When marketing can only see the beginning of the sales process, and sales can only see the end, collaboration to improve the process is a challenge. 
  • Conflicting or misaligned performance objectives: Key performance indicators (KPI) aren’t as useful if they’re based on different data sets.
  • Degree of control over the brand: Separated processes and technologies make it difficult to keep branding consistent during customer interactions. 

These challenges limit the effectiveness and achievement potential of both teams

So how do you fix it?

Learn how in the The Definitive Guide to Automating Lead Lifecycle in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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