BBBT to Host Webinar from SnapLogic on its Unified Platform for Data and Application Integration

This Friday, the Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust (BBBT), the largest industry analyst consortium of its kind, will host a webinar from SnapLogic on its new Spark Data Pipelines, which are increasingly being deployed to power data lake initiatives.

BOULDER, Colorado — April 6, 2016 — On Friday, April 8, 2016, BBBT members will be briefed by SnapLogic vice president of marketing, Darren Cunningham, vice president of product management, Craig Stewart, and head of enterprise architecture, Ravi Dharnikota, who will provide an update on SnapLogic’s unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform has a streaming architecture that supports real-time, triggered and low-latency enterprise application integration requirements plus the high volume, variety and velocity of big data integration in the same easy-to-use interface. SnapLogic’s distributed architecture is a natural fit for consuming and moving large data sets residing on-premises, in the cloud, or both. SnapLogic boosts developer productivity by requiring no hand coding, no schema enforcement, and rapid development via a robust visual designer.

“Designing, building, and maintaining all of the connections to source data for analytics is an arduous yet critical job for any enterprise with analytical ambitions. Bottlenecks, the need for real-time data, and the variety of technologies holding source data are just a few of the challenges faced by implementers of these environments,” said BBBT Founder Claudia Imhoff. “SnapLogic promises to ease these burdens by using their pre-built ‘Snaps’ of integration logic for a multitude of applications or sources. This is the ultimate goal of the reusability mantra.”

“We always enjoy working with the BBBT analyst community,” said Darren Cunningham, vice president of Marketing at SnapLogic. “We’re excited to share the latest developments of our hybrid application and data integration platform, and our vision for how we will help customers take the data lake from data science theory to enterprise-ready.”

A podcast summarizing the presentation will be available at the BBBT podcast page, and a video and trailer of the presentation will be available at the BBBT videos page.

About BBBT
The Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust has served the BI industry since 2006. It is a consortium of over 190 industry analysts, experts, and practitioners from around the world. BBBT hosts BI industry vendors who provide extended, interactive briefings, streamed live as webinars, exclusively to BBBT members. It’s a reciprocal arrangement, the members receive the latest information on current and planned BI tools and technologies, and the vendors get valuable feedback on their offerings, marketing, and messaging.

About SnapLogic
SnapLogic is the industry’s first unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform enables enterprises to connect to any source, at any speed, anywhere — whether on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. The easy-to-use platform empowers self-service integrators, eliminates information silos, and provides a smooth onramp to big data. Founded by data industry veteran Gaurav Dhillon and backed by investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Microsoft, and Silver Lake Waterman, SnapLogic is helping companies across the Global 2000 to connect faster.

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