Hampshire Trust Bank Embraces Generative Integration with SnapGPT from SnapLogic

SnapLogic’s generative integration solution empowers HTB to streamline their pipeline process and free up precious developer time

SAN MATEO, Calif. – November 9, 2023 – Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB), a specialist bank for UK SMEs, today shares its success with Snaplogic, the leader in generative integration. HTB is now using SnapGPT – SnapLogic’s generative AI-powered integration solution – to automate and refine its pipelines further, building on its existing success as a long-standing SnapLogic customer.

SnapLogic’s SnapGPT solution is being embedded into HTB’s workflow, allowing developers to focus on strategic, creative projects by automating many of their manual tasks. Staff are reporting significant improvements to their day-to-day process, and are seeing high returns on efficiency. As a result, talent will be better retained within teams as staff are given the opportunity to spend more time on skilled rather than basic work.

SnapGPT’s abilities go beyond automating pipeline development. The proprietary large-language models and relevant data sets deliver important information on their pipelines with a simple conversational request. Documentation can be maintained and updated in real time, removing the need for manual input. SnapGPT’s additional advantage is that documentation is created without human preconceptions that may lead to errors.

David Patterson, Head of Solutions and Delivery, HTB, said: “SnapGPT was one of the easiest AI use cases to pitch internally. After positive feedback from the senior team, we’re now fully embedding SnapGPT into our processes. Before SnapGPT, we’d effectively become victims of our own success, as with SnapLogic’s technology, our integration speed and efficiency set very high expectations internally. SnapGPT does practically 80% of the heavy lifting for us, meaning we can continue to meet those high expectations without needing to expand our headcount.”

Within the finance sector, data security is absolutely critical, which is why SnapGPT ensures customer data is secure, allowing businesses like HTB to place their confidence in an AI solution that will protect their organisation’s data.

Russ Fitzgerald, Chief Information Officer, HTB, said: “Our technology leadership were really impressed by an internal demo of how SnapGPT is redefining our day to day. We’re excited for the potential to grow with SnapLogic and continue to provide our customers with solutions utilising innovation in every part of the process.”Zahi Yaari, VP of EMEA, SnapLogic, said: “Our goal is always to help our customers push their technology and data further, and HTB is a great example of the possibilities of generative integration. Already we’re seeing our customers use SnapGPT in ways we hadn’t even expected, such is its potential.”

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