KQED Selects SnapLogic Data Integration Solution

KQED Selects SnapLogic Data Integration Solution

Open Source Solution Streamlines Public Broadcaster’s Digital Content Workflow

SAN FRANCISCO, O’REILLY WEB 2.0 EXPO – Apr 23, 2008 – Today at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo, SnapLogic, Inc., the Really Simple Integration company, announced that KQED Public Broadcasting has selected the SnapLogic open source data integration framework as the data services layer in its new solution for managing digital content. The SnapLogic framework enables “Really Simple Integration,” a new approach to data integration that leverages RESTful Web technologies to provide agile data integration for organizations of all sizes. By building the solution on top of SnapLogic, KQED’s system integrator, Favorite Medium, was able to save time and expense by simplifying their new front-end application and by creating reusable components and services that can be leveraged for other projects. More information and free downloads of the SnapLogic open source data integration framework are available at www.snaplogic.com.

The SnapLogic data integration framework consists of a SnapLogic Server and SnapLogic Components, which perform access and transformation functions such as reading and processing data from databases, enterprise applications, XML documents, files and even Web pages. SnapLogic Components are configured as SnapLogic Resources, which are linked together to form SnapLogic Pipelines. Each SnapLogic Pipeline performs a data integration task, such as reading data from a data warehouse, reformatting it, and writing it to a database. A growing collection of free SnapLogic Components and Pipelines is available at www.snaplogic.org. The KQED digital content management solution uses SnapLogic Pipelines to read, transform, and write KQED’s .mp3 podcast files and MPEG videocast files, working with multiple databases, Web sites, and a complex content distribution network.

“Developing the new application with SnapLogic was easy, because SnapLogic includes the connectors we needed for accessing databases and writing XML,” said Tim Olson, executive director of interactive, KQED. “Since it runs on our existing Web infrastructure, we were spared the overhead and complexity of working with complex messaging middleware and application integration technology.”

“The challenge that KQED was facing is nearly universal. Most businesses need to access, transform, and move data through their organization as part of business processes,” said Chris Marino, chief executive officer, SnapLogic. “Whether it’s accessing supplier parts lists for inventory control or data contained in a hosted application for a mashup, SnapLogic tackles this problem in the simplest way possible, getting the job done with the least overhead for IT people and the least delay for business people. SnapLogic’s Really Simple Integration enables businesses of all sizes to leverage the Web technology they already have and understand to address a wide range of data integration and data access challenges in an agile, affordable way.”

KQED adopted SnapLogic’s open source solution as part of a broad initiative to replace proprietary technology with open source technology throughout the broadcaster’s Web infrastructure.

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SnapLogic brings Really Simple Integration to the enterprise. The SnapLogic data integration framework is an open source solution to the challenges of rapid, reusable data integration at the enterprise edge, powering enterprise mashups, RIAs, and other data-driven tools for knowledge workers. SnapLogic was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please visit www.snaplogic.com or call (650) 655-7200.

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