Pact Group Unlocks Operational Efficiencies with SnapLogic’s Self-Service, No-Code Integration and Automation Flows

The Melbourne-based sustainable packaging leader leverages SnapLogic’s out-of-the-box, no-code platform to accelerate and scale automated data workflows

Melbourne, Australia – July 11, 2022SnapLogic, a leader in intelligent integration and enterprise automation, today announced a new partnership with Pact Group, a leader in reusable and recycling packaging. With SnapLogic’s no-code platform, Pact Group unleashes the power of self-service integration and automation throughout the entire organization, seamlessly.

Prior to leveraging SnapLogic, Pact Group was hesitant about adding middleware to its systems. However, that all changed when it was introduced to SnapLogic. With SnapLogic, Pact Group could implement an integration solution to handle data flow between platforms with ease, making data management faster and more scalable than ever before.

Since implementing SnapLogic’s out-of-the-box solution, Pact Group has bolstered operational efficiencies, saving both time and money. Even more, since SnapLogic has proven to be an innovative and reliable solution, Pact Group is now looking at using it in other areas of the business such as human resources.

“With SnapLogic, we bought not only the product but the vision too,” said Marco Cedriano, 
General Manager of Applications at Pact Group. “SnapLogic is constantly innovating, continuing to invest in its product. So every few months, we’re seeing exciting new innovations. With that, we see SnapLogic opening a lot of opportunities for us both now and in the future.”

The new client win forms part of an exciting journey of growth in the APAC region for SnapLogic, which recently welcomed strategic new hire Uma Dubey, Head of Channels & Alliances, APAC, to the team.

James Campbell, Regional Manager, Australia New Zealand at SnapLogic, said, “SnapLogic is committed to customer-centric innovation. We strive to continually update and improve our powerful, enterprise-grade platform in a way that’s non-disruptive to customers. We’re delighted about this partnership with Pact Group and how SnapLogic’s low-code simplicity and breadth of capability is helping them accelerate innovation, becoming increasingly agile, scalable, and future-ready. We look forward to continuing our journey to help businesses across the APAC region unlock greater efficiencies and transform – all through the power of data.”

About Pact Group

Founded in 2002 with a vision to lead the circular economy through reuse, recycling, and packaging solutions, Pact Group is dedicated to creating lasting value. Since its inception, the Group has been creating smarter ways of reducing waste by reusing and recycling resources. It constantly strives to discover better ways of doing things to grow business, enhance sustainability, and enrich the lives of others.

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