SnapLogic Boosts Reliability and Scalability of Enterprise Cloud Integration Platform

SnapLogic Boosts Reliability and Scalability of Enterprise Cloud Integration Platform

Third Major Release of the Year Adds Enterprise-Grade Functionality for Cloud and On-Premise Integration Initiatives

San Mateo – Oct 9, 2012 – SnapLogic , the leader in enterprise cloud integration, today announced new enterprise platform features that significantly lower the effort to integrate with traditional data sources. Meeting the needs of enterprise IT architects, the latest release of the SnapLogic Integration Platform provides high availability and rollback support, smarter server shutdown options, and a more intuitive interface for administrative tasks.

“We’ve heard from several Global 2000 CIOs and architects that most of today’s cloud integration solutions fail to meet the needs of true enterprise-scale integration projects,” said Zeb Mahmood, SnapLogic’s principal of product management and product strategy. “SnapLogic is happy to fill that gap with a platform that speeds cloud adoption by blending the sophistication and reliability expected of enterprise technology with the agility and flexibility of the cloud.”

Available today, the newest version of the SnapLogic Integration Platform includes:

  • High Availability&Scalability – For enterprises integrating data from the cloud to on-premise systems, this release increases the availability of connections to on-premise data sources so data can be moved more quickly and consistently. SnapLogic now supports multiple active servers, maintaining a complete mirror image of integration metadata across all servers at all times. If one server is unreachable, another can automatically take over until the issue is resolved.
  • Pipeline Snapshots – To help IT architects save time, SnapLogic added the ability to rollback integration pipeline changes to a previous stable state. Users can create snapshots of their integration workflows prior to making significant changes and then recover previous versions if they encounter unanticipated issues during a rollout.
  • Smart Shutdown – SnapLogic now supports “smart shutdown” of its servers in order to avoid abrupt server shutdowns due to user error. The smart shutdown stops new integration jobs from starting while waiting for running jobs to finish, which minimizes IT headaches that result if jobs terminate in mid-stream.
  • Improved Administrative Interface – Administrators are now able to perform user management tasks from literally anywhere using SnapLogic’s intuitive, browser-based user interface. This helps a central IT group maintain control over its enterprise integration layer, while providing flexibility for business groups to manage their own departmental integration projects.

In addition, SnapLogic has expanded its SnapStore ecosystem over recent months, which now offers a rich library of over 150 intelligent data connectors for applications like Box, Eloqua, NetSuite, Oracle, and SAP. New Snaps are available for Amazon S3, CheetahMail, Google Apps, Netezza, ServiceNow, SOAP, Splunk and Yelp. The SnapStore offers an open and standardized development environment, making SnapLogic an ideal integration on-ramp to the cloud.

About SnapLogic

SnapLogic is the leader in enterprise cloud integration, transforming how companies connect business applications on-premise and in the cloud. With the award-winning SnapLogic Integration Platform , organizations can easily and securely connect a variety of applications or data sources together, while achieving radically better performance and faster implementations than with traditional integration technologies. SnapLogic offers a scalable enterprise integration hub, a browser-based drag and drop visual designer, and a rich library of connectors (called Snaps).

Based in San Mateo, Calif., SnapLogic’s products are used by prominent companies in the Global 2000.  SnapLogic is funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners.  For more information, call +1.888.494.1570 or visit .

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