SAN MATEO, Calif. — August 17, 2017 — SnapLogic, the leader in self-service application and data integration, today announced delivery of its Summer 2017 (4.10) release of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. The release includes a series of platform enhancements to help customers automate, manage, and monitor their integration processes. The Summer 2017 release also features new and enhanced Snaps for improved connectivity and performance with Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Teradata, Hadoop HDFS, Confluent, JSON Web Token, Parquet, and RabbitMQ.

SnapLogic also announced new features and strong adoption for Iris, its industry-first artificial intelligence technology for enterprise integration. The first AI-powered feature, SnapLogic Integration Assistant, was released to customers in May and is already driving impressive usage with nearly 50 percent of all Snaps used in the platform being recommended by Integration Assistant versus being manually selected. Now, in addition to expert step-by-step guidance for building data pipelines, Iris also applies machine learning to optimize pipeline performance — making recommendations for pipeline configuration and operation based on real-world performance insights.

“We’re excited to continue delivering innovation every quarter that reduces the time and cost of enterprise integration,” said Vaikom Krishnan, senior vice president of engineering at SnapLogic. “This new release includes several customer-requested enhancements for large-scale integration projects, as well as continued Snap enhancements to connect more data, more applications, and more things.”

New and Enhanced Capabilities in Summer 2017 Release

New and enhanced capabilities in the Summer 2017 release will help accelerate integration for a broad array of cloud, analytics, digital, and IoT initiatives:

New Capabilities:

  • AI-Powered Pipeline Optimization: SnapLogic’s Iris technology now evaluates pipeline configuration and operation to recommend specific performance improvements based on machine learning, delivered to users via dashboard alerts.
  • Local Snaplex Dashboard: Ultra Pipelines, which continue to operate during system failures, are now fully visible via a local dashboard that offers customers increased confidence that their high-priority projects are running automatically without any interruption.
  • Project-Level Migration: This new feature automates migration of projects across departments and organizations, eliminating hand-coding and hard-coding, resulting in seamless project migrations and improved user experience.
  • API Threshold Notifications: Real-time alerts and notifications provide customers with an early warning system to improve monitoring of complex integrations projects. Alerts can be set up to notify stakeholders when API limits are approached and exceeded, when users are added or removed from the platform, and when projects are modified.
  • Public API for GroundPlex Installation: A new API to automate installation and configuration of on-premises SnapLogic nodes, eliminating the time and effort to manually download and install additional nodes.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Snap Pack: Allows customers to quickly and easily migrate on-premises databases to Microsoft Azure SQL Database for operational data and fast reporting and analytics.
  • Teradata Select Snap: Expands the Teradata Snap Pack, allowing users to retrieve data from a Teradata database to display on a table for easy reporting tasks.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upsert Snap: Expands the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Snap Pack, allowing users to automatically update fields in batches from new and existing CRM files once they meet specific criteria.
  • JSON Web Token Snap: Enables the platform to handle various authentication schemes, so users can more securely access various systems, including point-of-sale systems.

Enhanced Capabilities:

  • Parquet Writer Snap: Allows users to store data in specific partitions in Hadoop HDFS, improving the ability to create reports and derive meaningful insights from big data.
  • Parquet Reader/Writer Snap: Allows users to write Parquet files to Amazon S3 and AWS Identity & Access Management in addition to HDFS, expanding SnapLogic’s support for cloud data warehousing via Amazon Redshift.
  • Kerberized HDFS Reader and Writer Snaps: Users can now push big data from on-premises systems and applications into Kerberos-authenticated HDFS clusters.
  • RabbitMQ Producer Snap: New “retry” automation eliminates the need for users to manually execute IoT data pipelines repeatedly to overcome connectivity issues.
  • SAP Snap: Adds support for SAP Message Server, so customers can distribute workloads across multiple application servers, allowing them to continuously operate without disruption.
  • Confluent Kafka Snap Pack: Now supports Confluent v3.2.

SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud accelerates data and process flow across cloud and on-premises applications, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments. Unlike traditional integration software that requires painstaking, hand-crafted coding by teams of developers, SnapLogic makes it fast and easy to create scalable data pipelines that get the right data to the right people at the right time. Under the hood, SnapLogic’s powerful data streaming architecture delivers real-time processing with high throughput for faster data movement across the enterprise.


All customers have been updated to the Summer 2017 release of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. Visit the SnapLogic blog to learn more about the Summer 2017 release.

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