SnapLogic Introduces Support for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Provides a seamless and cost-effective platform to connect data faster and accelerate the adoption of cloud analytics

SAN MATEO, Calif. — June 24, 2015 — SnapLogic, an industry leader in enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS), today announced connectivity support for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which enables users to aggregate and store petabytes of data in the cloud. With SnapLogic, customers can easily transfer data into and out of the Azure SQL Data Warehouse and quickly build, deploy and manage multiple high-volume, data-intensive integration projects.

“Companies today don’t have time and budgets to devote to old school, hand-coded and point-to-point integrations,” said Darren Cunningham, vice president of Marketing at SnapLogic. “SnapLogic provides the ability for Azure SQL Data Warehouse users to get data where they want it and when they want it, supporting business at cloud speed.”

The Azure SQL Data Warehouse allows users to store data at cloud-scale, and compute is scaled independently. Users can use the familiarity of T-SQL to easily query across relational and non-relational data. The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform enables customers to quickly transfer up to petabytes of data into and out of the Azure SQL Data Warehouse using the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. With SnapLogic, data can be moved at any latency — schedule batch, event-driven and continuous streaming — to meet a diverse set of requirements.

SnapLogic provides more than 300 different pre-built intelligent connectors, called Snaps, for cloud-based applications, on-premises applications, big data sources, business intelligence tools, data visualization tools and more, including Snaps for SQL Server 2014. SnapLogic’s enterprise data integration platform enables users to easily extract data from various sources and formats and load it into the Azure SQL Data Warehouse quickly and without coding.

“We built Azura SQL Data Warehouse to support organizations looking to take advantage of cloud-computing with a scalable solution for data that can grow or shrink in near real-time to meet business requirements,” said Tiffany Wissner, senior director of Data Platform Marketing, Microsoft. “We are pleased to see that SnapLogic is delivering a solution to help Microsoft customers easily extend the benefits of Azure with a modern and cost-effective integration solution.”

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