SnapLogic Unveils New Greenplum “Snap” For EMC Greenplum Database

SnapLogic Unveils New Greenplum “Snap” For EMC Greenplum Database

San Mateo, California – May 9, 2011 – SnapLogic , the cloud connection company, announced today its newest “Snap” for EMC Greenplum Database. EMC and SnapLogic have teamed up to transform how companies embark on big data projects while achieving a radical improvement in cost and performance.

Built to support the next generation of big data warehousing, the EMC Greenplum Database was designed for business intelligence and analytical processing. SnapLogic’s EMC Greenplum Snap is a rich connector that allows EMC’s customers to capture additional value out of their EMC Greenplum investment. Customers can use the Greenplum Snap to easily load data into and extract data from the EMC Greenplum database to support their big data warehousing efforts.

News Highlights

  • EMC Greenplum Database allows customers to take advantage of large clusters of increasingly powerful, increasingly inexpensive commodity servers, storage and ethernet switches. SnapLogic’s EMC Greenplum Snap takes advantage of SnapLogic’s hub and spoke model to connect EMC Greenplum to the myriad of business applications for which Snaps exist today.
  • Via the EMC Greenplum Snap, customers can quickly and easily load data into EMC Greenplum and support their big data warehousing and large-scale analytics projects.
  • SnapLogic’s EMC Greenplum Snap is available via SnapLogic’s SnapStore, the first online marketplace for Snaps—intelligent connectors, data flows, and data transformations.

Supporting Quotes

“Winning enterprises are those that can unlock insight and intelligence from the surging datastreams feeding their businesses. The Greenplum Database Snap brings the power of EMC Greenplum Database to users of the wide range of business applications supported by the SnapStore.” – Clark Newby, SVP of Marketing and Alliances, SnapLogic.

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