API Integration Software

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming tools used by engineers to integrate functionality offered by third parties. Using an API will let engineers develop software more quickly, with a richer set of features and less need for ongoing maintenance. Most APIs are available via the cloud, further reducing the effort and cost of software development. In other words, the API gives a foundational set of tools that streamline development of software that will, in return for access, create something that it can work with.

SnapLogic API integration software

Creating and integrating applications with an iPaaS approach, like SnapLogic’s, lets people utilize APIs at any time without manual coding. As a cloud-based platform, the iPaaS can intelligently provide up-to-date tools and technologies to any of SnapLogic’s API consumers.

Simplifying development further, SnapLogic offers over 450 unique pre-built Snaps. These Snaps connect common databases, applications, analytics solutions, data warehouses, and other products. 

SnapLogic is customer-friendly to easily integrate applications and unify business practices, programs, and technology. SnapLogic’s APIs can be issued to any API management platform. SnapLogic also offers added support for external cloud-based hosting, like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. 

Partnering with Apigee on the SnapLogic platform makes full lifecycle API management easier than ever. SnapLogic manages REST API connectivity and connects complex data sources to development and analysis. Used as a management partner, Apigee sits inline to manage and shape traffic, analytics, monitoring, and monetization of APIs and enforce related policies. 

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