Big Data Integration Tools – Explanation & Overview

What is big data integration?

Big data integration is the use of software, services, and/or business processes to extract data from multiple sources into coherent and meaningful information. Data integration allows for more effective and quicker data analysis. As relevant data is made more accessible to sort through vast amounts of structured or unstructured data, big data integration tools are essential.

What are big data integration tools?

Big data integration tools can include software, hardware, services, and business practices. Integration platforms help unify and centralize governance of systems and business unit data across an enterprise. Cloud-based big data tools and services connect data, applications, APIs, Things and other sources across devices regardless of location. An integration platform as a service (iPaaS), like SnapLogic, allows faster connections and the continual updating and evolution of data and analytics systems. The iPaaS solution also allows for more agile integrations; integration breaks are almost nullified and constant schema changes are rendered unnecessary. A streaming data architecture also allows organizations to quickly connect cloud applications.