Data Integration Process – Explanation & Overview

What is the data integration process?

The data integration process is the method through which an organization combines data from several different platforms and datasets to make a cohesive, overarching digital architecture. In this process, the actual steps through which data integration is done is not as important as the outcome. Some organizations choose to integrate all company datasets into one. Other companies choose to integrate only a particular, important data set. No matter the choice, this process is the defined steps and proposed outcomes of this dataset combination. 

The data integration process directly impacts areas of industry like security software, business applications, and utilization of collected data. This makes it easier for company-wide process-monitoring, smoother overall digital transformations, and a better awareness of how to utilize data collected over a period of time.

Data integration process considerations

Your company’s data integration process needs to be flexible to support continued business growth. There are many possibilities for data integration plans. None of them will look the same because they involve such a complex array of data unique to your company. No matter what kind of option you choose, the goal of a data integration plan is to outline and integrate your previously unrelated data for better business or system performance.