Data Integration Strategy Example

A data integration strategy example is an overview of how data integration strategies work. Generally, an example includes a list of certain elements of data integration strategies. Common examples of elements included in these examples are:

  1. The type of service data integration, such as REST and SOAP services. These services are ultimately the platform through which data integration takes place.
  2. Whether the integration will be on a large or small scale. If the integration is on a large scale, this will likely provide an example of a cloud-based platform so that all data can be safely stored simultaneously.
  3. How the system will be supported throughout the process.
  4. How documents will be saved.Most often, data integration relies upon documents, so this element is commonly included element.
  5. How integration will leave room for future processes. Without remaining elastic, there is little need for specific data integration strategy.

The problem with data integration strategy examples is that they do not consider that each data integration strategy, even within businesses and departments, will be unique. A more elastic plan might be helpful to give companies an idea of what can be useful and not useful to include in their strategy. However, it is important to note that all aspects, including company specifics, must be included in these examples. 

SnapLogic provides its customers with custom demos for tailored data integration strategy examples, which helps companies find long-term integration success.

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