Integration Architecture

Integration architecture is comprised of structures which allow for the interoperability of different IT components. Modern application architecture means that companies use a wide variety of applications that perform tasks and contribute data. It is important for these applications to be able to communicate and understand each other, which is achieved through the use of integration architecture.

Application integration software is generally classed as "middleware," i.e., software that forms the joining link between interfacing operating systems, software, and databases. This is also seen with a feature such as an enterprise service bus (ESB) application. These serve as a universal translator to allow two or more different applications to communicate with each other. Without integration architecture, direct communication between a company's IT components would be a lot slower and certain elements of information might get left out of the system completely.

For thosewho require such integration, knowing what an enterprise application integration (EAI) is and what it can do for the organization are important. The answers are relatively straightforward. By using an enterprise integration application, such as SnapLogic's Oracle Snap Pack,, a company's data can be synchronized and managed between applications. It also allows companies to optimize their business processes quicker and more efficiently, with built in process integration.

Successful integration architecture allow application programming interfaces (APIs) to be created that combine various applications and sources of data. This is important because, as an organization collects continuous streams of data, it can get siloed away from the data processing points which are trying to turn that data into something valuable, i.e., actionable insights. 

In this sense, integration architecture functions like an alternator or dynamo in a power station. It doesn't actually create data but its use is essential in changing it from one form into another so that it can be used by another application.


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