Java Performance Test

Performance testing is a series of tests that continually check the speed and working order of a program. A Java performance test checks a Java application's performance for speed and efficiency. Performance tests reveal whether data is moving effectively between input, storage, and to relevant users. Performance testing can check how an application performs in certain scenarios. Scenarios can be contrived to test how a computer, network, or program will respond under high-stress conditions. Tests can include checking on system endurance, troubleshooting, monitoring, and other normal operations or harmful occurrences. 

Testing occurs at various times in system or software development and operations. Java performance tests are a routine practice before and after optimization. There are a number of developers who do performance testing while code is being written. This is called unit-level performance testing, or unit testing. Unit testing is a popular software development approach for those ascribing to test-driven development (TDD). This level of testing attempts to test at the smallest levels of software development. It is usually an automated process.

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