Problems Extracting Data from Salesforce in Informatica PowerCenter

Extracting data from Salesforce with Informatica may not be the best data extraction and integration solution. 

Informatica is a software company specializing in data management and integration tools. Informatica's PowerCenter is their most popular product, generally referred to when people say "Informatica".The system is an extract, transfer, and load (ETL) product that was designed according to 1990's enterprise architecture. 

Unfortunately, extracting Salesforce data to integrate into an analytics system has been met with complications and failure. (Read this case study.) The ETL process of PowerCenter is slower and more complicated than other competitive integration tools. Although Informatica has tried to accommodate newer and scaling enterprise architectures with Informatica Cloud, the solutions have not reached sufficient design maturity to be a competitive alternative. 

Full-service Integration Platforms as a Service (IPaaS) are more mature and can complete and continue data integrations in days without breaks. SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud combines multiple features that help create immediate and long-term integration solutions, including:

  • Easy to use platform and controls
  • Streaming scalability
  • Both cloud and on-premises data storage
  • Managed connectors

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