SnapLogic Privacy Subprocessors

As part of our delivery of services to our SnapLogic customers, we use some third-party subprocessors. The subprocessors used to provide SnapLogic services are broken out by business function, name of application, and purpose of processing. The subprocessors are grouped into two business functions: Cloud Services and Corporate Services. The list is as follows:

SnapLogic Subprocessors
Purpose of Processing
Cloud Services
MongoDB Database backup managementNO
Switch Supernap Datacenter servicesNO
Atlassian Documentation, tracking, platform updatesNO
Gaian Personnel AgencyNO
Taos Personnel AgencyNO
Amazon Web Services Platform hosting and infrastructureNO
Aha Release managementNO
Zendesk Support management and communicationNO
ViewCentral TrainingNO
Corporate Services
LinkedIn Business collaboration
DiscoverOrg Business intelligenceNO
TechTarget Business intelligenceNO
ZenIQ Business intelligenceNO
Google G-Suite Business services and collaborationNO
Office 365 Business services and collaborationNO
GoTo Services Communication and collaborationNO
Slack Communication and collaborationNO
Zoom Communication and collaborationNO
LeanData Contact managementNO
Docusign Contract executionNO
Ecosign / Adobe Sign Contract executionNO
SalesForce Customer relationship managementNO
Box File storage and collaborationNO
Netsuite Financial managementNO
Quickbooks Financial managementNO
Marketo Marketing automationNO
Trello Project ManagementNO
SpringCM Sales automationNO
Drift Sales relationship managementNO
Salesloft Sales relationship managementNO
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