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How SnapLogic Works

Modern application integration architecture for today’s enterprise

The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform focuses on empowering business and IT through an intuitive, powerful, yet approachable self-service interface. We’ve made it easy to use without compromising the need to manage complex data and process flows. Over 500 pre-built connectors, called Snaps, connect to just about anything. Our Snaplex elastic execution kernel can run in the cloud and behind the firewall.


The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform Designer is accessed via a browser-based user interface that makes building integration pipelines a clicks-not-code exercise. This powerful cloud-based designer makes both integration professionals and citizen developers highly productive with no coding necessary.

You can also leverage the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog – a collection of pre-built, reusable workflow templates – within the SnapLogic Designer to speed up your integrations. Learn more about the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog.

HTML5 Visual Designer for Simple Integration


The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform Manager is a multi-tenant administration console that allows you to control and monitor the performance of integration pipelines as well as user permissions, projects, and security settings. Manager administrators can also configure lifecycle management and big data integration settings, user and Snaplex notifications, and account data encryption levels.

SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud Manager

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your integration workloads anywhere. The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform Monitoring Dashboard provides secure visibility into the health of your cloud integrations with system performance dashboards, drill-down capabilities, triggered event notifications and Iris AI-based optimization recommendations. Get complete remote visibility into your real-time and scheduled bulk integrations.

Built-in Security for Operational Integrity


SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform Snaps are modular collections of integration components built for a specific application or data source that shield business users and developers from much of the complexity of the underlying application. Easy to build and modify, Snaps are based on an open and standardized development environment and available for analytics and big data sources, identity management, social media, online storage, ERP, databases and technologies such as XML, JSON, Oauth, SOAP, and REST. Learn more about Snaps.

Snaps for Integrating Applications and Data Sources


The SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform is purpose-built for next-generation application and data integration requirements. Orchestrations, schedules, connections, and security details are managed by the Designer, Manager, and Monitoring Dashboard. The Snaplex is a self-upgrading, elastic execution network that streams data between applications and data sources, and can run in the cloud and behind the firewall.


The self-upgrading, elastic execution grid Snaplex streams data between applications, databases, files, social, and big data sources. When running in the cloud, the Snaplex will scale up and down based on the volume of data being processed or the latency requirements of the cloud integration flow. The Snaplex can also be configured to run behind the firewall for hybrid deployments involving on-premises enterprise applications and big data sources. The Snaplex allows data and process integration flows to be triggered based on events or scheduled jobs, called via REST APIs, or invoked programmatically via the Snap API.

The SnapLogic Snaplex, Cloudplex, and eXtremeplex

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