How does SnapLogic work?

This short video (2:20) explains how the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud platform and its connector Snaps work, how both business managers and IT leaders benefit, while providing quick case studies and the ROI for many enterprises.

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Why do companies like Adobe, AstraZeneca, Box, GameStop, Verizon, and Wendy’s choose SnapLogic?

They have a problem that many other companies are facing today.

On one side, business managers rely more and more on SaaS applications and big data for daily tasks yet IT is responsible for integrating the applications.

These business managers need daily access to accurate information but can’t always wait for IT.

On the other side, IT is managing multiple projects, including integration requests and is working with far fewer resources. Requests can take weeks or even months to complete and business leaders can’t wait that long, so end up making decisions based on less than perfect data.

But now, there’s a solution, the Snaplogic Enterprise Integration Cloud with Iris Artificial Intelligence built in.

It takes the complexity of dealing with multiple applications, big data, complex APIs, and IoT and abstracts it away into drag and drop components all in one platform.

Now, information flows more freely. SnapLogic’s Iris AI further democratizes the use of data by empowering users from all departments and teams to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily with higher accuracy.

Business manager can now do their own analysis with minimal support from IT and make informed, data-backed decisions quickly.

IT people can spend less time building routine integrations and more time helping the business grow.

SnapLogic is already helping many businesses with these challenges. GameStop reduced the amount of time it took to build integrations by 83%.

General Electric’s (now Suez Water) employees are 4 times more productive when it came to onboarding partners through its multiple systems.

AstraZeneca has more than 500 users around the world who are performing self-service integrations.

Box has connected 40 applications and is processing more than 15M transactions daily with only 1.5 full-time developers needed to support this volume.

It’s simple, we help companies transform business processes faster and stay focused on managing their business using data-driven insights and not on writing and maintaining their code.


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