Case Study

How optilyz Accelerated Customer Onboarding and Created a New, Custom Connector Product With SnapLogic

Europe’s leading direct mail automation software, optilyz enables large companies to send highly personalized and automated print advertising to their existing customers and run direct mail like a digital performance channel.

At the core of its business, optilyz needs to be able to fetch and aggregate data from its customers to produce hyper-personalized direct mailings. But with customers using highly varied data platforms, it’s essential to be able to connect any type of platform a customer may have. To address this, optilyz needed a seamless, format-agnostic solution that would empower customers to start leveraging its direct mail services.

The company selected SnapLogic for its ability to remove data integration and data formatting barriers, speeding up the time for a customer to be onboarded and to connect their systems.

Find out how optilyz saw marked improvements through the SnapLogic iPaaS, including:

  • Ability to onboard new customers with complex data platforms
  • Product expansion with new connection offering
  • Reduced time to onboard customers from months to days

Get the full story in “How optilyz Accelerated Customer Onboarding and Created a New, Customer Connector Product With SnapLogic”

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