Case Study

Opya Saves 1,000 Hours of Manual Integration Work in One Year With SnapLogic

Autism care provider deploys “self-driving” data, application, and API integrations; refocuses on services and innovation

Opya provides next-generation autism treatment that unites technology and care. As a part of this offering, the organization supplies its clinicians and the families it serves with a mobile app to improve care, simplify communication, and streamline scheduling. The app relies on critical API integrations between a practice management database in Amazon Redshift,, and a PostgreSQL application database.

The VP of Engineering contemplated whether to use Opya’s valuable engineering resources to build and maintain these important integration workflows in-house. In the end, he decided the custom hand-coding approach would cost far too much time in the long run – time that needed to be spent creating new features for clients. Moreover, the risk of a pipeline breaking in such a case was higher.

Learn how the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) helped Opya:

  • Save 1,000 hours on building, maintaining, and fixing API integrations in one year
  • Complete integration projects 17X faster
  • Put developer skills and time toward high-impact projects
  • Automate application integration workflows
  • Increase the reliability of its client-facing mobile app

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