Case Study

Pitney Bowes Accelerates Growth and Innovation

Coined as the Craftsmen of Commerce, Pitney Bowes (PB) continuously innovates to keep pace with the evolving complexities in commerce, from launching its Model M Postage Meter in the 1920s to introducing cross-border solutions more recently. To continue setting new records in commerce, PB relies on data to make business decisions with precision. 

PB embarked on its digital transformation journey with the goal of giving data access to stakeholders to uncover new opportunities and areas for improvement to drive business growth. After deploying SnapLogic and Snowflake as their enterprise data integration platform and cloud data warehouse, they enjoyed the following benefits: 

  • 25+ business applications connected to their cloud data warehouse and data lake
  • 500+ users from 15 departments and business units supported
  • 900B+ documents processed per year
  • Rapidly gained business insights from disparate data sources

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