Case Study

SnackNation Reduces Integration Workload by 50 Percent With SnapLogic

SnackNation streamlines B2B integrations with consumer packaged goods (CPG) partners to automate the order fulfillment process

A small team of engineers at SnackNation, a fast-growing company with customers like Microsoft, Uber, and Travelocity, was managing application, data, and B2B integration requests from nearly every department. Since most of these integrations were built through hand-coding, it ate up valuable engineering time at an unsustainable pace. SnackNation also needed a better way to scale its integrations with CPG partners.

After evaluating multiple integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions, the engineering team chose the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) for its simplicity, flexibility, error-handling features, trove of sophisticated pre-built connectors (Snaps), and ability to serve SnackNation’s short- and long-term business needs.

The SnapLogic IIP has enabled SnackNation to:

  • Reduce its integration workload by 50 percent
  • Automate time-intensive application and B2B integrations between endpoints such as Netsuite,, Shopify, Google Sheets, and Zuora
  • Empower citizen integrators to build integrations themselves

Download the full SnackNation case study to learn more.

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