Unlocking Data for Increased Collaboration at BC High School

Founded in 1863, Boston College High School (BC High) is a top, non-profit, college preparatory for grades 7-12. The school strives to prepare its students to become people with integrity, educated in faith and for justice, committed to academic excellence, and service to others. Due to data sprawled across different departments, the staff were disabled from quickly accessing complete information of their students, academic and extracurricular programs, fundraising activities, and more. The data sprawl led to a cyclical, manual data querying process that took valuable time from the IT department and created gaps in cross-departmental collaboration.

As a result, the school undertook a major data initiative; to create a data catalog by pulling all data from all the departments.

In using SnapLogic, BC High School will benefit from:

  • Gaining full visibility into data to help students excel beyond graduation
  • Increasing productivity with quick and easy access to data for real-time analytics for decision making
  • Boosting cross-departmental collaboration across the campus
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