Data Sheet

Data Integration with Snowflake

SnapLogic and Snowflake have joined forces to simplify data integration and data warehousing via the cloud. SnapLogic offers a fast, easy, and visual integration platform that helps customers integrate their on-premises and cloud-based data sources and applications without any coding. SnapLogic now offers ten pre-built “Snaps” that connect multiple data sources and analytics tools to the Snowflake cloud data warehouse solution. The data integration with Snowflake includes Snaps for bulk load, upsert, and unload in addition to standard CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) functionality. SnapLogic’s intelligent integration platform provides Snaps to easily connect multiple data sources (including Teradata, Oracle, MySQL) and applications (including Salesforce, Workday, Twitter) to Snowflake without any coding.

  • Enable Self-Service Integration: SnapLogic Designer provides an easy to use, drag-and-drop based, HTML5 user interface for self-service integration.
  • Decrease Integration Cost: Integrations created via SnapLogic require no coding, saving customers time and money versus coding point-to-point integrations.

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