Data Sheet

SnapLogic OEM/Embedded Program

The SnapLogic OEM/Embedded Program offers several approaches to deliver data and application integration capabilities within your product offerings. Leverage the SnapLogic IIP to free up your staff from the manual development and maintenance of integration work, allowing them to focus their efforts on the core functionality of your product and the real value in your product roadmap. 

  • Use the SnapLogic IIP to develop, manage, and monitor integrations for your end customers with greater productivity than hand-coding
  • Deliver the SnapLogic IIP as a cloud service to your end customers, enabling them to create their own data pipelines, integrating additional applications and data sources with your product, thereby increasing consumption
  • Utilize the SnapLogic IIP to pull data from your end-customers’ applications and other third-party data sources to streamline your ability to deliver new value-added data services. 

SnapLogic enables independent software providers (ISV), managed services practices (MSP), and professional services organizations (PSO) to offer a standardized, efficient, and reliable data integration solution tailored specifically to their needs.

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