SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines

Legacy ESBs are prone to lag times, glitches, and outages which are unacceptable when it comes to data delivery processes. It’s time to upgrade your enterprise service bus (ESB) technology. SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines outdo legacy ESB solutions in ensuring fast, reliable data transfer for any and all mission-critical scenarios.

The benefits of SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines include:

  • Persistent connection – Connections between endpoints are always on, reducing time to pass data
  • Great reliability – Delivers data where it’s needed with a message queuing feature that, in the case of a stoppage, ensures transactions are still received
  • High throughput – Ensures data is passed between applications in the fastest manner possible via several pipeline instances across multiple nodes that are executed simultaneously

To learn more on how SnapLogic Ulta Pipelines enable real-time data delivery at scale, download the data sheet, “SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines.”


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