Data Sheet

SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines

Lag times, glitches, and outages are unacceptable when it comes to your mission-critical data delivery processes. It’s time to upgrade your legacy integration platform. SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines provide ultra-fast, high throughput, and reliable data transfer for any and all mission-critical scenarios.

The benefits of SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines include:

  • Low Latency – Ensures sub-second response times to respond to queries in real-time
  • High throughput – With an ‘always-on’ connection, you can run more pipeline instances giving your higher throughput
  • Greater resiliency – With built-in redundancy, your requests will get processed even in case of node failures.

To learn more on how SnapLogic Ulta Pipelines enable real-time data delivery at scale, download the datasheet today.

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