10 Steps to Advancing Enterprise Automation in Your Organization

Driving automation across your enterprise starts with breaking down data silos and enabling data and application integration. A multi-function iPaaS solution should enable application and data integration, API development and management, and more, all in a single platform, single enterprise middleware tool experience that dramatically simplifies data architectures. If your company is just heading down the integration and automation process, and you’re ready to get things moving, the steps in this guide will help you take the actions needed to drive automation with your team, department, and across the enterprise.

The 10 steps in this eBook help you better understand where to start with your enterprise automation project, how and what success metrics to establish, how to evaluate vendors throughout the process, and more!

Wherever you are in your journey, having a plan and knowing what to do next can make the change management process much easier and far more organized. Follow these 10 steps to jump-start your successful integration and automation journey.

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