Pipeline eCatalog for Sales Teams

Sales teams that have insights into what prospects are looking for can personalize the approach of their product offering to multiple user personas across different channels. By ensuring that Marketing and Sales teams are continuously working with up-to-date data on your leads, the prospect is likely to have a more seamless experience through your customer journey.

Sales Operations that automate the integrations between their CRM (customer relationship management) system and other enterprise applications in Marketing and Finance spend less time caught in error-prone manual processes and more time engaged with your prospects. As a result, these teams can enrich and improve lead engagement, quickly convert them to accounts in your CRM, and enable effective management through opportunity management and invoicing.

This eCatalog is meant for prospective and current SnapLogic users alike. Existing customers will find:

  • Existing templates to accelerate your deployment
  • Other related tasks to consider as part of your implementation

For those new to SnapLogic, you will learn:

  • Common tasks Sales teams perform throughout the lead to customer conversion in a customer’s journey
  • How SnapLogic’s pre-built pipelines unify all the apps and data sources that make up common business processes along the customer journey

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