SnapLogic for Higher Education

Today’s progressive universities and colleges are embracing the cloud, unifying their applications and systems, and putting data at the center of their strategies to enrich the experiences of students, faculty, and alumni.

Digitally-native students expect consistent, real-time access to information on housing, parking, class schedules, grades, financial aid, and more. Faculty members want digital tools to tailor, personalize, and optimize learning for students, both in the classroom and via online courses. And schools require an efficient way to track and communicate with alumni who are key to fundraising efforts.

In this eBook, learn how leading colleges and universities are using the SnapLogic platform to modernize their IT infrastructure and drive connected experiences for students, faculty, and alumni. SnapLogic delivers the following benefits for higher education institutions:

  • A superior, connected experience for students, faculty, staff, and alumni 
  • Fast, streamlined, efficient processes 
  • Access to data analytics for informed decision making 
  • Ability to compete by scaling no matter your institution’s size 
  • Lower IT costs 

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