Data Lakes in Modern Architecture

Data lakes have taken their place at the core of modern data architecture and pushed out their predecessor, the enterprise data warehouse. Why? As enterprises continue their odyssey to the cloud, data has become the currency for success. It’s only when an enterprise builds their data strategy as a corporate data-as-a-service (DaaS) offering that they can ensure high levels of SLA, governance, accuracy, and availability for what they need for both today and the unknowns of tomorrow. Welcome to the Modern Enterprise Data Architecture (MEDA) powered at its core by a data lake.

In this infographic you will learn:
  • What a modern enterprise data architecture (MEDA) is
  • Why enterprise data warehouses are not at the core of a MEDA, and why data lakes are
  • How a MEDA can handle both traditional and modern use cases
  • The top four features of a MEDA



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