August 2018 Release: Enhanced Dashboard Search

In this video, you will learn how to get an early warning on successful and failed pipelines.

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Hi! SnapLogic users have the ability to monitor and lookup current and historical pipeline executions. In addition to performing a pipeline search based on Pipeline Runtime ID, Pipeline Name or Snaplex Name, the SnapLogic Dashboard’s search capability has been extended to include support for a Pipeline parameter(s) based search criteria.

The SnapLogic Dashboard is enhanced to also support a search based on values assigned to pipeline parameters. In this video, we will take a look at this feature in action.

I need to define the pipeline parameters when I create a pipeline. It is really important that I select the “Capture” parameters checkbox.

Once the pipeline has been configured, I will need to create a SnapLogic task for the pipeline. In this demo, I will create a triggered task.

Once the task has been created, I will use a REST client such as “Postman” to invoke this pipeline using the triggered task’s URL. When I make the Post call, I have to make sure that I pass the values for the pipeline parameters.

I have received a 200 HTTP response code which indicates that the invocation was successful.

At this point, this instance of the pipeline execution can be looked up on the SnapLogic Dashboard’s under the “Pipeline Execution History of All Executions” section. As a search term, use the value assigned to the pipeline parameter. The value will return the correct instance of the pipeline that was associated with that pipeline parameter. Also, drilling down into the status section, the pipeline parameter can be seen as a captured value.

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