February 2023 Product Release Hub

Welcome to the February 2023 Product Release Hub! Check out the February customer webinar to learn what is new and updated in the recent releases of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform. You can also read the February 2023 Product Release Blog to get details.

In the customer webinar, we cover:

  • SnapLogic AutoSync enhancements such as new endpoints and support for on-premises sources through Groundplex (Demo Video 1)
  • Platform Updates that promote secure connectivity
    • Support for AWS Secrets Manager
    • Secure connectivity with AWS PrivateLink support
    • Signed Docker Images for better security
  • Data Integration Updates
    • New Snaps for Table Create, Table Data List for Google BigQuery (Demo Video 2)
    • Geo-spatial data support for Snowflake and PostgreSQL Snap Packs (Details here)
    • Snowflake Snap Pack now comes bundled with a JDBC driver for improved ease of use (Details here)
    • Enhanced security and simplified access control with support for
      • Principal authentication mode for Azure SQL Snap Pack
      • IAM and Cross-account IAM for DynamoDB Snap Pack
    • And many more
  • Application Integration Updates
    • Connect to Workday via REST protocol with new REST Snap for better performance and OAuth support
    • MS Dynamics for Sales supports retry policy to automatically 
  • API Management updates that include new policies to protect API endpoints, new UX and UI for the Developer Portal, and OpenAPI 3.0 and YAML support (Details here)

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