February 2024 Product Release Hub

Welcome to the February 2024 Product Release Hub Page! Check out the February Customer webinar to learn what is new and updated in the recent releases of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform. You can also read the February 2024 Product Release Blog to get details.

In the customer webinar, we cover:

  • Generative Integration
    • Build GenAI applications in hours, without writing any code with the all new GenAI Builder! (Check out the video)
    • SnapGPT enhancements
      • Help you analyze your pipelines and get recommendations to improve it
      • Recommend expressions for data transformations that can be leveraged in any Snap
  • Platform Updates
    • Improved security posture with multi-factor authentication now in private beta (Check out the video)
    • Connectivity improvements
  • Enterprise Data Orchestration
    • Usability and UI improvements such as the ability to manage null values, edit transformations, new sources and destinations for AutoSync (Check out the video)
  • Composable Enterprise with API Management
    • Get 8x performance improvement and reduced costs with response caching (Check out the video)
    • Improved security with new policies such as Northbound Mutual TLS and OAuth2 for proxies, and enhanced reliability with the new retry policy
    • Accelerate your API development with improved OpenAPI spec parser (Check out the video)
  • And many more

Short on time? Check out the video highlights.

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