August 2018 Release: Iris AI Integration Assistant

In this video, learn how the SnapLogic Iris AI Integration Assistant can make recommendations on last and previous Snaps, helping you to gain confidence in building pipelines. Learn more about how Iris AI can help you build integration workflows rapidly here.

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Hi! In this video, I’m going to show you some of the enhancements that are made to the Integration Assistant feature, powered by SnapLogic’s Iris AI. The Integration Assistant can now suggests the first Snap and the last Snap on an empty canvas, allowing users to start on whichever end they’d like to build.

On my canvas, the Integration Assistant is recommending the JSON Generator as a starting Snap and with the new enhancement, the File Writer as the ending Snap is also recommended.

I have the option to change what I want the starting Snap to be.

By hovering over to the File Writer Snap and toggling up and down on the keyboard or scroll with the mouse. Doing so will change what the next suggested Snaps would be.

If I go and click the File Writer Snap, you’ll notice that the Snaps are now being recommended in reverse order and so now I can also build pipelines by having a starting Snap and an ending Snap instead of building the pipeline only in sequential order from left to right. I can now obtain Snap recommendations from both sides and work my way towards the middle with less effort in considering which Snaps to use in between.

You’ll notice that the JSON Generator is where the Snap recommendation focus is currently on. I am also able to command click to change the focus of recommendations so I can build from whichever end I want to. By clicking on the Mapper, the focus point is now on the Mapper.

Another enhancement to the Integration Assistant is that I can also right-click on a Snap to open up the drop-down menu and click ‘Assistant’ to change the focus of which Snap I would like to obtain Snaps recommendations from.

With these enhancements added to the Integration Assistant, SnapLogic aims to improve the ease of use and overall experience in building pipelines. Integrators have the option of getting Snap recommendations when building pipelines from the start to end or building from the endpoint back to their source data.

Thanks for watching this video. Please visit to learn more about SnapLogic.


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