Magellan Health: Building the Connected Enterprise (Video)

When CIO/CTO Srini Koushik arrived at Magellan Health four years ago, his mission was clear: to deliver innovative products and services that resulted in business outcomes that were 10x greater than competitors due to the use of breakthrough organizational techniques and modern exponential technologies.

With entrenched competitors 10, 20, even 30 times larger than Magellan, and a diverse and growing customer base that expected exceptional services without cost increases, Koushik’s promise to modernize and transform the $7 billion Arizona-based healthcare company’s IT organization was central to Magellan’s ability to “dance with the elephants” and deliver on its mission of leading humanity to healthy, vibrant lives.

Enter SnapLogic.

Magellan Health has put into production more than 100 pipelines and integrated more than 20 SaaS applications using the SnapLogic platform, all while keeping their IT resources and budget flat.

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