May 2018 Release: Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack

This SnapLogic demo video shows how users can move marketing information from third-party marketing tools into Adobe Cloud Platform.

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Hi. In this video I will demonstrate how users can load and extract customer information from Adobe Cloud Platform using SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud.

There are two different Adobe Cloud Platform Snaps, Read and Write that are built to solve this use case.

I will read my customer information from Salesforce and join with customer gold record information available in the Kafka queue. This data can be cleansed and filtered, based on the requirements needed, in the pipeline.

Let’s have a quick look at the target schema. My target schema is in Parquet format and I am trying to get my customers’ information from Salesforce and loading it to my Adobe Cloud Platform. The information is mapped based on my requirements.

This data can also be viewed on the fly and we can see where the mapping is done.

Similarly the data can also be read from Adobe Cloud Platform by using the Adobe Cloud Platform Read Snap. Configuring Snaps is pretty straightforward just like all other Snaps available in the SnapLogic platform.

We have to define the Adobe Cloud Platform account by entering the account information shown here followed by the Dataset Schema name, Dataset name and Dataset ID.

Configuring the Adobe Cloud Platform Write Snap is similar to the Read Snap.

And you can also create a new dataset by selecting the “Create new dataset” option.

These two pipelines enable you to read and write customer information to the Adobe Cloud Platform.

Thank you for watching this demo!


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