May 2018 Release: High Availability Ultra

This SnapLogic demo video shows how users now have the option to leverage the High Availability option to support Ultra Tasks.

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Hi! In this video, I will demonstrate the High Availability feature for Ultra pipelines, a new feature released in our May 2018 release. With this new feature, users have the option to leverage the High Availability option to support Ultra Tasks.

By its definition, Ultra Tasks are meant to be always-on, running and ready to accept requests sent to it. However, there are circumstances wherein Snaplex nodes that go offline may result in Ultra Tasks going offline as well. This can result in interruptions to mission-critical integrations.

The goal of the High Availability feature is to ensure that multiple instances of a given Ultra Task are run across multiple Snaplexes and are tied together with a common alias.

For the purpose of this demo, I have created a simple Ultra pipeline that accepts a payload sent to it from an external client software. I have also created two separate Ultra Tasks for this pipeline called HA-Task-1 and HA-Task-2. Each Task represents a unique Snaplex that can run Ultra Pipelines. However, both Tasks share a common alias. When both of these tasks are created, users can invoke Ultra Tasks using either the Task Name or the Alias Name.

Using the Task Name has the disadvantage of not having High Availability support. All invocations to this Ultra Task will fail if the Snaplex associated with this Task Name is offline. However, if the user selects the Task with the Alias Name with High Availability support, invocations will not fail if the Snaplex associated with this Task is offline. Based on the Alias name, the SnapLogic platform will identify the Tasks that have alternate Snaplexes that are online.

Let’s see a quick example of the invocation. I view the details in HA-Task-1

and will use CURL as my external client to invoke the Ultra Task.

I will be using the HTTP Header / Bearer token to Authenticate with the SnapLogic platform.

The key difference here is that I will input the Alias name as part of the Task URL.

The Alias, in this case, is ‘Alias_for_Demo’

Now you can see that a response has been generated from the Ultra pipeline with High Availability support.

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