May 2018 Release: SAP Analytics Cloud Snap Pack

This SnapLogic demo video shows how users can move data into SAP Analytics Cloud for BI and data analysis.

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Hi. In this demo we will walk through how SnapLogic users can get datasets from systems like Salesforce to run Analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS based solution with planning, business intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities.

SnapLogic offers SAP Analytics Cloud Snap Pack with several Snaps that abstracts all the API complexities through simple configuration and without the need for coding.

These SAP Analytics Cloud Snaps provide Create, Read, Upsert, Delete functionalities to help move information to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Now moving onto the canvas, you can read information from Salesforce and convert that information based on specific requirements needed to store and run data analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud Snap provides Account configuration details in order to connect and authenticate this system, and simple settings necessary for the required data set to be analyzed.

This sample pipeline shows how “forecasted for all opportunities” under the leads object in Salesforce are filtered to “converted opportunities” using the Mapper and analyzed in SAP Analytics Cloud with the predefined models and dimensions as seen in the Snap.

As an example, new opportunities can be updated using Upsert Snap and we provide granular details on how many records were updated.

These SAP Analytics Cloud Snaps along with over 450 other Snaps on the SnapLogic platform enables organizations to focus on the right opportunities and close the business quickly.

Thank you for watching this demo!


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